Your name is Emmy, and you're (usually) a mystery.

Temerity of the Unknown

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Important Announcement;

Since I’m no longer posting as many pictures and RP of Emmy and generally this blog is inactive, Emmy will now join my fantroll main blog. So if you want to keep following Emmy, Please follow there if you haven’t done so yet!

I’ll be keeping this blog as an archive, since it’s got literally 1k posts on it and reblogging will take forever. 

RP is always welcome so feel free to drop a message for him there~ I’ll be tweaking his profile in a bit.


»( A black quadrant, definitely. I noticed that with Wyvern, you always seemed pumped by a challenge. It didn’t matter how big or small that challenge was. I think it would be refreshing if you really have someone to spar with, maybe even have a mimic contest. )«

==> You lean forward to press your heads together, touching noses as you tickle his jawline with your fingertips.

»( A pale would be nice too, but I think after you get your black since I know that’s when you really need someone to lift you up when your kismesis beats you down. )«

==> Tiny smooch to his lips.

==> Your eyes widen at the name- it wasn’t exactly one you welcomed… but true, he did have a point.

hrmm… wyvern? i guess i was real competitive with him back then, yeah… ¿ough i ¿efinitely woul¿ like… a ¿ifferent sort of troll as my black?

but… come on, ¿u¿e, u<u nobo¿y can beat me at a mimic contest. jejeje~

==> Chuckling, your lips brush past the corner of his mouth, a light, warm breath gliding over his skin before you reach around, combing your fingers through his locks and ruffling them up.

true… it woul¿ just be nice to have all ¿ese ?ua¿rants? someone to compete with, someone i can pap calm… an¿ someone? maybe a yellowblood with big horns? and nice soft hair? to cuddle with and kiss???

…why are we nuzzling so much, anyway? u#v#u

==> Peck his cheek yet again.


==> It’s weird, but throughout the whole story, you’ve been touching and caressing his hair. You even trace your fingertips along his ears as you nuzzle into his crown. But somewhere in the middle of his speech, you feel him shake a little. So, you continue the petting until he’s done.

»( You’re brave. Not Many trolls can deal With that kind of rejection, even if it’s their first tiMe experiencing it. I reMember When My Moirail got rejected a feW times… he got so angry, I thought he Was going to kill us both. I think three black flushes and tWo reds before he could actually get a black and red. But then his black duMped hiM and he got even More angry… Anyway… The point is that romance doesn’t just happen once. It has different lives. for each individual… Like you never knoW… What if…. )«

==> Ah— maybe it’s better if you don’t mention that…

»( What if you find the perfect black quadmate? Or a great pale? Actually, I think it’d be aWesoMe if you Worked on your black quad… You alWays seeM so bored here. )«

==> The petting helps you feel much better about the unpleasant memories, bringing a soft smile over your features, and before he has his turn of talking you lean in to kiss his cheek.

i was just a ¿umb little wriggler back then… an¿ even now, sometimes, jeje? but thankfully not lately? i hope?

i’m just gla¿ i ¿i¿n’t, well… kill her or anything?? i just hope she met someone better… woul¿n’t be fair to her, since i foun¿ a certain special someone, too.

==> You giggle, and squeeze around him briefly.

i’m so happy i met you… an¿ i know i seem bore¿ but? well?? okay? i ¿o get a little bore¿ at times? but mostly, i just think it’s peaceful an¿ happy here. better ¿an before, ¿efinitely?

but… you’re right, i shoul¿ try and fin¿ a black ?ua¿rant. maybe someone to spar swor¿s with!? or… a pale, hmmm, i’¿ really want to help someone out if ¿ey went through what i ¿i¿?


»( !!! )«

==> It’s a little sudden, but you cradle his face in a way that gives him air, but also allows you to snuggle and comfort him.

»( I’m glad you’re ok. Imagine if you didn’t make it? We wouldn’t have met ever. )«

==> It might seem rude, but you’re almost falling asleep again. Maybe it’s his hair… Or the sight of your locks mixing with his. Something about the atmosphere makes you relaxed.

»( Also… why are you hemoanon? I remember you explained something… but I can’t remember what it was… )«

==> You don’t even notice him falling asleep again, you were just so at ease and content with nuzzling him that you wouldn’t mind anyway.

i’m not sure whether i even sai¿ it in ¿etail… well, it’s like ¿is-

¿ere were a lot of reasons… when i very first starte¿, i ha¿ just ¿iscovere¿ my ancestor?? an¿ ¿en i wante¿ to copy him in every way… so i became a hemoanon just like him. Even when other trolls ma¿e fun of me for it, i ¿i¿n’t stop??? because i believe¿ in my ancestor, but…

after a while, it starte¿ really getting to me? it was har¿ to ¿eal with but? i just thought? it was too late to come back to ¿a way things were before.

an¿ i thought ¿at, even if it was a lot of negative attention, i ¿i¿n’t want to change. because being a hemoanon was ¿a only reason people got intereste¿ in me??? but ¿a problem was, ¿ey all left once i ha¿ no more secrets.

at ¿at point, i really wante¿ to change, but… ¿en i met this other greenbloo¿. she was really smart an¿ cool an¿ i guess i ha¿ a bit of a crush on her. but? back ¿en? i was a total ¿ouche and felt entitle¿ to have her… so one ¿ay, i planne¿ to tell her everything. my feelings, my bloo¿, an¿ i ¿i¿, but she turned me ¿own an¿ i got so? so? angry i almost kille¿ her… i felt so guilty over ¿at.

obviously, she left me, an¿ since we ha¿ ¿a same color, just seeing my own bloo¿ color remin¿e¿ me of ¿at ¿ay. so i stayed ¿a way i was, even if i ¿i¿n’t like it anymore.

==> Well, that was quite a ramble- and now you were blinking hard, fighting a couple tears away from the corners of your eyes.


==> You blink a little harder than usual, as if you were snapped from your thoughts when he bumps your heads together. It’s good, since now you can focus on him rather than preening his hair with your fingers — though you still do absentmindedly.

»( Soft? Smooth? )«

==> You peer downward shortly.

»( Really? But yours is fluffier. )« 

==> With that in mind, you reach further up to kiss the edge of his broken horn.

»( …MMM, you’ve never told Me hoW you broke this. )«

jaja, oh, ¿at? i think i actually tol¿ arty alrea¿y… not ¿at i wante¿ to!?

==> Snickering some more, your lips brush past his hair, settling on the base of one of his horns- and close enough to his ear for a whisper.

it was well over a sweep ago? i was just out on my own… got into a grizzlybeast’s cave. it ¿i¿n’t notice me, thankfully, but i ran off so ?uickly i trippe¿ and, well… it was painful, an¿ embarassing. But hey, at least it’s growing back.


»( So like this! And really? MMM… )«

»( I don’t knoW if I’ll be able to get all the Ms, but I’ll try. Also your hair… it’s really long-like. I think it suits you a lot. 

==> Reach over to comb your fingers through it, fluffing it up playfully.

¿on’t worry, i’m keeping it~

at least while i can still? keep it relatively neat? it gets all tangle¿ a lot?? and ¿u¿e, ¿at’s a lot of shampoo for ¿a both of us, jejeje.

your hair’s still? a whole lot better… it’s really soft an¿ smooth…

==> Flop your head against his fringe.



uhhh… well, alright??? hrm, i’ve copie¿ a lot of ?uirks, an¿ usually ¿ey take inspiration from your symbol- like me, jeje- or something like a feature of something you like??? like trolls with ¿eir lusus’ teeth in ¿eir ?uirk somehow. an¿ sometimes, they get something from another troll close to ¿em?? like a ?ua¿rantmate? it ¿epen¿s where you want to get? your inspiration from?? ovo

===[ Well— symbol-wise. ]

>( Like this or something? )<

»()« Hm….. »()«

»( Maybe Ms are capitalized for My horns? )«

i think ¿a last one is really nice!? well, your horns are pretty har¿ to miss. ¿ey’re just so big an¿… a¿orable. aaaahM anyway let Me see-

»( yeah, dis looks siMple but really distinct )«

»( quiet with a little surprise with the M’s )«

»( it does reMind me of you, bro )«

cresiistuck-deactivated20130821: ===[ Should I change my quirk? o ^ o ]

0A0??? woah, why woul¿ you ¿o ¿at?

i guess ¿ere’s no problem with it? ¿ough ¿is is really? su¿¿en? but if you really want to, uhhh… what woul¿ your new ?uirk even be like???


My new baby. I can’t wait for her to be able to come home.

[ Aaaah I miss drawing these two ;w; my shiiiips

Doodle/speedpaint i guess ]